Psych-e-therapy and me


People has always fascinated me.

The human mind, with all its complexity, vastness of experiences, one’s distinctive way of thinking, unique feelings and actions. At different stages of my journey, both personal and professional, I have dealt with the psychological, sociological and business aspects of life. However, it is the human mind that intrigues me more than anything – What are one’s thoughts? Where are they heading? Why? Would one like things to be different? And what would that change?

I have been busy gaining experience. Learning to understand others better, provide support at a time of change, bolster up those making crucial decisions, or to assist in clarifying one’s ultimate goals. All of which resulted in a deeper understanding of my own needs, including those requiring therapeutic support. I found my place, my ultimate role and my gifts.

The psych-e-therapy emerged from my search of my truly belong – with people. On their unique quest for the better life.

I use different approaches as I am confident, that even though all things work, yet what works for one, won’t work for another. The Solution Focused Brief Therapy is the approach closest to my heart. I am convinced that each and every one of us has some strengths and is capable of finding solutions to their problems, we just need a bit of support in the process. We’ve got all we need to reach our goals.

There is nothing in you damaged so badly, that the good in you could not fix.

I take so much encouragement from this simple truth. Daily, in life and at work. It just works. I focus on the person, the precious resources unique to him, those within him.

At the same time, I highly value everyone’s safety, comfort and time. Therefore, the internet and its communication solutions, open up new possibilities. Its accessibility and simplicity are no longer limited to huge corporations. Help and support, when received in a timely and friendly manner, might result in the opening many doors, and in simplifying one’s life.

I invite you to my psych-e-therapy.


Medical University of Gdańsk, postgraduate studies, Clinical Psychology.

SWPS, postgraduate studies, Social Psychology in Organization Development Management.

University of Łódź, MA studies (Master’s Degree), Sociology.

CTSR, Solution Focused Therapy.

Unyte/iLS, The Foundational SSP (Safe and Sound Protocol) Certification Course.

IntegriTSR, TSR applications to work with a teenager.

IntegriTSR, Addictive behaviors in adolescens

IntegriTSR, Shades of personality.

IntegriTSR, Integration Therapy for People after Trauma.

CPI, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Niebieska Linia – Polish Emergency Service for Victims of Domestic Violence, Study of Counteracting Domestic Violence.

IntegriTSR, Coaching tools in working with a teenager.

IntegriTSR, The use of TSR and NVC with clients suffering from symptoms of depression.

CTSR, Therapy Work with LGBT.

Simonton Institute, Rational Behavior Therapy.

Recruitment and CPD training in one of the leading banks in Poland.

Life – the most fascinating and precious learning experience. Few years ago, I moved from Poland and relocated to a place of merging cultures, nationalities and languages. This is where I have done most of my learning.